We are growing four varieties at La Serra this season: Piccolo, Roterno, Arlinta and Yelorita.


Piccolo is a classic cherry tomato. Small in size, deliciously sweet and with a rich red colour.

A great all-rounder, piccolo is a snacking fruit (kids love them), will elevate the most humble of salads and tastes amazing when roasted on the vine.


Roterno is a large, vine tomato with a deep red colour and is very tasty for its size.

It makes a perfect cheese and tomato sandwich, and is equally at home in a fresh mediterranean-style salad.


Arlinta is a multi-purpose kitchen hero. 

A premium medium-sized vine tomato, it bridges the gap between Piccolo and Roterno.

It’s an excellent breakfast tomato, delicious when pan-fried or even on the BBQ if you’re feeling adventurous.


Yelorita is a yellow cherry vine tomato which is guaranteed to brighten up any salad.

This little ball of sunshine has a crisp texture and aromatic flavour.